Today’s world, men and women loaded with work and stress make them weak and unhealthy. To be a healthy person, the person has to exercise, yoga and other mandatory proper diet to maintain themselves to face overload work stress. Here we going to talk about physical therapy. A kind of treatment to cure physical injury or diseases to neuromuscular system or musculoskeletal systems of the body of human without and supplement or surgery or drugs. Therapy of physical body takes an important part of your life or lifestyle. Physical therapist equally plays very important part of the human life and his lifestyle. They are experts in curing eliminating pain and movement function of the body. In spite of lots of research in physical medicine, the pain is increasing day by day. Physical therapy is a science? More than 14 years, with due advances in technology, there being a lots of research and scientific evidence for physical therapy taking over any drug treatment or surgery.Therefore, physical therapy is a science.

Physical therapy or rehabilitation? Yes, Physical therapy is the synonym of rehabilitation. Many of the exercises were improved to cure orthopaedic injury or diseases. Physical therapy developed in Greece which is still practiced till todays date. Physical therapy at dynamic neuromuscular rehabilitation and physical therapy(DNR) approach on those functional approach and dynamic fusion in to medicine of rehabilitation. They treat patients focused on precisely on specific respective problem. According to doctors of DNR of NYC, rehabilitation takes lots of time, and for them time is waste of time. Their aim to treat patients fast and cure properly. They mix rehabilitation with new advanced modern therapy. According to Dr Karel, he is the mentor and godfather of the DNR believes therapeutic method is basically depending upon innovative approaches and scientific proved methods.

DNR provide treatments emphasising upon restoration of functional methods. They have many neurological treatments or methods like, movement impairment system, vojta therapy, virtual reality therapy, CAREN, biofeedback training under SEMG, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, ergonomic therapy, and many more. In DNR, physical therapy is attended in at least two methods one is comprehensive manual therapy, or sports therapy, second is orthopaedic or neurological rehabilitation therapy. Cornerstone is therapeutic exercise of the physical therapy. With due advanced in research of neuroscience and better understanding of the neuroplasticity more improved methods are being advanced https://nydnrehab.com/treatment-methods/what-is-sports-physical-therapy/.

Some advanced methods are a mix of the better parts of the older therapy which have been clinically improved by therapeutic success time to time. Few of these methods are being developed and evaluated based on new scientific reports.They utilize the most developed technology available. They have utilised their time in this technology in order to result care which gives the origin of the injury instead of symptoms. They also utilize diagnostic musculoskeletal sonography to diagnose the pathology and also monitor cell healing. Therefore, treatment is always focused in specific single problem. This is only possible because they have full experienced physical therapist in all therapy and methods to treat patients.


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