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                The Shoes – What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

A woman loves her shoes as much as she loves her clothes. Some of them even have an obsession of collecting shoes. Well, we can’t tag them wrong, as there are so many lovely and absolutely drool worthy shoes available in the market for both men and women. Boots for men are what stilettos are for women. Especially if there is a wedding around the corner, we just start looking out for best of clothes, shoes, jewelry, hand bags etc. Some of us often get confused about the kind of shoes to be picked for an Indian wedding. Men get confused between boots, sneakers etc, whereas there is a whole lot of variety when it comes to women shoes. Some like stilettos, while others prefer sandals or wedges of even bellies. But, the main point here is to pick a shoe that will go in sync with our look and attire, and also which provides utmost comfort. Let us now scroll down to find out some of the best types of shoes that shall be bought for an Indian wedding

  1. Comfort

Comfort is something that shall be given utmost priority. Not all shoes are made for everybody. Choose heels only if you are sure that you could carry them, or else you could easily look ravishing in flats too.

  1. The right shade

Matching shoes with the color of your attire can never get outdated. For instance golden sandals with embroidery over it could be paired with red, golden or green lehenga. You could also go for the exact color match too; it’s totally up to you. Make sure that you go only for vibrant colors, as blacks and browns don’t go quite well when it comes to weddings, especially if it’s a wedding of some close one.

  1. Embroidery

Matching the embroidery of your shoes with your lehenga or any other attire is also quite in nowadays. For instance, if there is zari work on your lehenga, you could pick a sandal with the same matching zari work on it.

  1. Heels

Women absolutely love to get into their heels, and if it’s a wedding, they certainly cannot afford to miss this chance to flaunt away their favorite pencil heels or stilettos. But if you aren’t quite comfortable in wearing high heels, there are lot many options for you as well. You could always go for wedges, peep-toes, pumps etc and still look beautiful and voguish.

  1. Bling it on

Since it’s a wedding, you must try and bring out that bling. Go for golden, copper or silver sandals for that dazzling look.

Now that you are tempted to buy yourself a nice pair of shoes, you don’t have to worry. There are so many online shopping stores that will help you to find that perfectly dazzling sandal to match every look of yours. Not only sandals, but you could even find wide range of boots, sneakers, bellies etc on these stores. Some of the famous ones are Tata CLiQ, Myntra, Jabong, Abof etc to name just a few.

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